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Amphetamine Withdrawals: Was it Painful for Me?

On my journey to finding natural alternatives of amphetamine, there was a very rough time that I went through. For me to overcome my amphetamine addiction, I had to go through a series of withdrawals. Using amphetamines can lead to…

Truths and Myths About Amphetamine Addiction

Amphetamine addiction is scary enough alone, without false information and misconceptions. I’m going to walk you through some common myths and what the facts are. This isn’t just what I’ve heard and read. It’s based on what I’ve gone through…

What Are the Dreams of an Addict?

It may be hard even to start thinking about dreams if you’re addicted to drugs. When you’re in the middle of amphetamine addiction, sometimes all you can think about is drugs: how to get the money for them, where to…

One Try – Never the Last

The hardest thing to accept as you try to recover is that you’re going to fail. Maybe a lot. The road to recovery is long, and there will be many false starts, wrong turns, and backward steps along the way….